Keychron K5 & M6 and Delta Hub Wrist Rests

Who is Keychron, and why have I never heard of them? What do they even make? Why should I care?

Let’s answer these questions quickly:

  • Keychron is a computer peripheral brand that makes really good keyboard and mice at an affordable price point.
  • For people who need their keyboard and mouse to just work and work really well for a long time they are great.

I have had a Keychron keyboard ever since their k1 100% low profile keyboard was out of a crowdfunding campaign a while ago and have really liked it. I have bought a few of their keyboards over the years and have gone back and forth between Keychron and Logi(tech) keyboards.

I recently switched to a newer 100% low profile Keychron k5 keyboard with brown switches and they have just the right mix of clicky tactile while still being quiet. The switches are hot swappable so if I ever decide to change the switches out I can easily do so. It also works with Bluetooth, or USB and I chose the white backlight. The keyboard is low profile enough to work great with my delta hub wrist rests.

So their keyboards are great so what everyone makes decent keyboards… yeah I get that but now the exciting part is they also make mice too.

Keychron M6 next to Delta Hub Wrist rest.

Welcome the Keychron M6 mouse a direct competitor to the Logi MX Master mice. It is a $60 mouse after shipping that has a horizontal scroll wheel and an infinite and clicky scroll wheel. It also has great dpi and the best part is it worked via the included usb cable without needing to use 2.4Ghz or Bluetooth.

The M6 feels very light and coincidentally kinda cheaper than the MX Master mouse and the clicks are a lot louder than the MX Master 3s but overall that’s kind of a benefit to the M6 since it’s so light you forget your moving it at all and it saves almost 50% of the the cost. The clicks feel nice and the scroll wheel is nice. It doesn’t auto switch to the ratchet and infinite but that is ok since I can use it wired with usb.

My Logi keyboard and mouse were great until the bolt usb adapter stopped working reliably. The range of the Logi receivers has been very atrocious in the last few generations so I’m now convinced having a usb wired connection is the best route.

The M6 is more of an ergonomic shape than my Logi G502 Hero mouse.

Both of these are working nicely with my Level 1 Tech KVM I switched to from my rpiKVM

Also not needing any software for adjusting the mouse dpi and polling rate is very nice.

The lack of RGB is a win for my bedroom setup where I’d like to sleep in darkness.

Overall Keychron is doing great work listening to their users and making many different products to cater to a wide variety of users. Also the attention to detail on supporting apple users has been very welcomed in a keyboard space dominated by PC users.

Thank you Keychron!