Blaine Miller

Blaine Miller

Software Engineer & Photographer

Blaine has launched 3 social networks straight out of high school and college where he was awarded the Innovation & Impact award during his Bachelors of Science graduation ceremony. He worked for 2 different startups in his local city and now works remotely for a phenomenal company in the publishing industry. He has experience as a PHP and Node.JS developer in addition to C#, Java & Swift applications but loves learning new languages and practical application to use them.

Outside of work he has gained quite the experience in the realm of photography. His favorite subjects are Landscapes and Nature photography. He greatly enjoys navigating around the west coast and photographing the stars, the sea and the mountains. He has also gained experience with piloting drones to capture totally unique perspectives. Recently he has even started using 35mm film photography as a new medium.

Beyond photography he also greatly enjoys good friendly fun, playing board and video games with friends and family. From the standard Call of Duty series to modern classics like Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros there are always laughs to be had. He also adopted a miniature Australian Shepard as a puppy and named her Luma, short for Luminosity.

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