A Walk Among the Giants

Join me in remembering the beautiful scenery captured over the last seven years, mainly around the pacific coast. I retell the stories behind each photograph in a fun and captivating manner.

I have been photographing the world around me for a long time. I decided to tell the stories leading up to the capture of each of my favorite images from the last seven years. This book is the first photography journal that I have published. I am happy about how it turned out. It is available as a Hardcover image wrap copy from Blurb and EBooks in PDF, Kindle, and soon Apple Books. I know I won’t make much of anything for this book, but it is an enjoyable coffee table piece with beautiful images and fun stories. You can grab your copy at any of the links on this page. I priced my books really low to allow many people to obtain a physical copy for themselves. $40 for a printed hardback book sounded reasonable for the nearly 14 thousand words.

Green Dot in a World of Blues

Welcome to the next adventure…

In this next book of my Photography Journal Series, I share the stories of the thought process from planning and anticipation of a family excursion to a beautiful series of islands in the middle of the Pacific, the many adventures had with laughs and good times among ourselves, and the re-adjustment back to everyday life back home in a positive and light-hearted manner.

Welcome back,

I did not think I would have written the next book so soon, but I am back to tell you everything I can about my vacation to Oahu, Hawaii, and hopefully share some beautiful photography along the way. This book will feature stories around each of the photographs, including my thought processes and experiences recalled from memory. The stories and pictures can inspire aspiring or seasoned creatives to get outside and explore the world around them. We are never guaranteed tomorrow, so today is called the present. If you have a bucket list destination, why wait to experience the joys this beautiful planet has to show us when you can share it today? As someone with definite anxiety, I must say that your mindset is often the most significant deterrent to experiencing life. I am delighted I said yes to this adventure, and If there is something you have been wanting to do that is truly good, like a trip with your family or something exciting you have been holding out on, I encourage you to make an effort to plan to experience it. The feeling of achieving your dreams can be extraordinary and one I hope everyone can experience someday!